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World Wrap Masters Judges

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World Wrap Masters Judges

The World Wrap Masters features training workshops and demonstrations delivered by world-renowned wrap instructors who share their experience and knowledge. These instructors meticulously judge the quality and techniques of all competitors to determine the winner of each World Wrap Masters competition.

Ole Solskin

Ole Solskin


Nationality: Danish

Ole is a tinting and wrapping expert, and owner of Suntint A/S, Denmark. He founded his company more than 20 years ago and is now involved in the development of installation techniques.

Ole has wrapped and tinted more than 20,000 cars during his time in the sign business, and has travelled all over the world to see different techniques, and has given many training sessions in window tinting and car wrapping.

Ole comments: “For me, wrapping is a passion. I always play around with new tools, materials and techniques."

Ivan Tenchev

Ivan Tenchev


Nationality: Bulgarian

Ivan Tenchev of Astro Folio, has 13+ years of experience, and joins the league of World Wrap Masters Judges in 2023. 

Ivan has won an astonishing 5 World Wrap Masters Eurasia titles, and the World Wrap Masters Champion twice - 2018 and 2022.

Ivan has also competed and won the Hexis Battle World, WrapScon, and other wrap competitions where he has taken notable place.

"Being part of the World Wrap Masters judging team means so much to me. Not only does it mean I can share my knowledge with the community, but I can also learn from the contestants who bring a huge amount of talent to each event. Plus, I love to travel and meet fellow wrappers, and being a judge will be a good way to combine my passions."

Kiss Lajos

Kiss Lajos


Nationality: Hungarian

Kiss ‘Luigi’ Lajos is an experienced wrapper, running his company Fixfolia from Hungary, but wrapping all over the world.

Lajos was World Wrap Master 2014 and 2015, after which he stepped back from competing to support the industry in his capacity as a judge for the competition.

He has been wrapping since 2000 and loves to wrap any object, with the real joy in seeing the final outcome. He is still yet to wrap a large plane which is on his bucketlist! 

When Kiss isn't wrapping he likes to go karting with his son.

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